Operation of wastewater treatment facilities

The leadership’s basic directives of PureAqua Llc. are the same as the Customers’ plans. Accordingly the production plants and facilities have to concentrate on the production while the specialized problem solving enterprises have to focus on these kinds of tasks.

With our experienced leader engineers we are able to undertake 7*24 hours operation and supervision of industrial wastewater treatment plants, firewater-, rainwater-, industrial water and relating facilities (industrial pipe networks and electric networks), including waste management.

Matching to our customers’ claims the tasks in connection with the operation are the followings:

  • to ensure the operating staff,
  • to hold the safety education of workers,
  • to prove special individual protection devices,
  • to prepare instructions (various kinds of manuals – environment, health, safety),
  • to collect needed permits of authorities,
  • to collect chemicals and other auxiliary materials,
  • to collect and transport the accumulated waste,
  • to keep contact with the recipient operator (surface water and public sewer),
  • to keep contact with the customers’ environmental department,
  • to make accredited and informative analytical measurements,
  • to make yearly environmental and other kinds of confessions, announcements (air, waste, water, wastewater),
  • to keep contact with officials,
  • to do the maintenance tasks besides the operation,
  • to create proposals for optimization, modernization,
  • to implement investments.

Our operational and system-controlling activity is fulfilled by our environmental and service liability insurance.

More information about operational references can be found in the References menu.

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