The management and the employees of PureAqua Llc. strongly believe in the importance of research, development and innovation. According to our experience in the field of wastewater treatment, our main goal is to carry out R&D tenders. In this way, we wish to promote the innovation and marketization of solutions which we consider to be marketable. Our Company has received financial support which has given us the chance to improve our office, and in the second round to establish our headquarters. These successes show our commitment to improvement.

With the aim of broadening our customer base and maintaining the stability of our enterprise, since 2014 we have been able to work actively in both the domestic and the international market from own resources and with financial aid from tenders. We try to utilize the possibilities of the Hungarian and the international payment schemes. To put up the money for self-effort, the finished tenders’ success gives energy for our employees, which has helped us to develop, to patent and to use novel, individual wastewater and water treatment solutions.

The basic philosophy of the management of the Company is to apply solely for those tenders, which can support the basic goals of the enterprise and promote the trust of our employees and customers and the stability of the enterprise.

Ongoing and closed tenders can be seen here:

  • Establishment of the service headquarters of PureAqua Llc.
  • PureAqua Environmental Engineering Llc. would like to establish a premise in the northern part of Veszprem, in a frequented, industrial area. With the reconstruction and modernization of the abandoned office block found on the area which used to be Bakony Művek, the Company would like to create a modern water engineering headquarters, also serving as an office, a workroom and a depot.

The goal of PureAqua Llc. is to create a sequencing batch reactor and a linked process control which is capable of the separate treatment of the reject water of anaerobic sludge digestion and given kinds of special industrial wastewater, which is more advantageous than the traditional sequencing batch technologies.

Fitting to the earlier development of PureAqua Llc, the current MBSBR process control system will be completed with on-line sludge concentration and sludge-level measurement for the effective automation of sludge removal instead of time-driven removal.

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