Industrial wastewater treatment

Due to the tightening of the Hungarian industrial activity, a significant number of wastewater generating technologies have been pushed into the background. The acquired knowledge in these branches of industry (leather manufacturing, metallurgy and mining industry etc.) can even nowadays help in facing the latest problems.
The lessons of the past and the continuous research and development and the experience of the trainings give aid to our workers to solve the emerging problems in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.
Because of the specialty of the problems, we start the project with mapping the background of every task and this way we are able to make unique solutions. In our well-equipped experimented laboratory, we are able to make professional laboratory-scale tests.
Our customers are given the results of measuring in the offer phase of the project.
In some cases such as the truly special and challenging industrial wastewater treatment tasks we conduct experiments with the available (pilot-plant) test-system which is equipped with automatized, on-line analytic equipment. The use of the results received can prove to measure out the problems requiring a special technical solution.
Due to our experience in almost every field of the industry, our competence in the waste-water treatment includes the following areas:

  • Dairy industry,
  • Slaughterhouses, meat processing industry,
  • Fish processing,
  • Other kinds of food industry wastewater treatment,
  • Rendering industry,
  • Automobile industry,
  • Engineering industry,
  • Metal industry,
  • Metallurgical industry,
  • Coke industry,
  • Ceramic industry,
  • Textile industry,
  • Paper industry,
  • Mining industry,
  • Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Glue industry,
  • Industrial gas production,
  • Other kinds of chemical industry.

We utilize devices developed by our Company or purchased from domestic or foreign enterprises. The suitability of these devices can be proved by the several trial runs conducted by us as well as the references by the producers.
In our work, the importance of natural water-treatment is increasing. Our services also include the design, implementation and operation of water- recycling systems.
Our references in industrial wastewater treatment can be seen among the References.

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