Public/Municipal wastewater treatment

A lot of technological solutions have spread in the domestic public wastewater treatment. In the recent years the investments meant the construction of huge treatment plants with a capacity of 150-200 thousand PE as well as plants with smaller, 3-50 thousand PE.

Besides the applied solutions, we take the reduction of operational costs into consideration. We apply many solutions based on domestic and international experience in order to improve the reliability of designed systems. In our solutions, we put an emphasis on process control and sludge-treatment. With taking the management of renewable and non-renewable energy sources into consideration, the utilization of electric power reduction results in the recycling of valuable raw materials. In our procedures – conforming to the procedures of air quality management– the odour technologies are solved by biofilters.

PureAqua Llc. joins in as easy as the conceptualization phase in the municipal wastewater treatment tasks. We prepare water licensing documentation, make final design with the cooperation of the main contractors in the specific tender system and implement complete wastewater treatment technologies as a general contractor.

One of the continuously improving fields of public wastewater treatment is the market of small individual wastewater treatment. In the market of wastewater treatment of isolated residential buildings and residential area lots of manufacturers have appeared in the recent years. The number of available equipment is countless but in given circumstances for choosing the optimal system, we believe that an independent expert consultant company is inevitable. We take the authorization, implementation, installation of the given devices and the first run and the continuous maintenance of the chosen technology.

The PureAqua Llc. provides help in choosing the suitable wastewater treatment equipment.

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